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Dingoo A330 Dingux DualBoot Installer 1.01

I've finally finished the dualboot loader, Dingux kernel, and installer for the Dingoo Technology A330.

This dualboot loader is designed to take full advantage of the A330's upgraded hardware. With it and the updated Dingux kernel, you get full access to the 64MB of RAM and 400MHz clock speed.

The dualboot loader, kernel, and installation routines are packaged into a single zip file with detailed instructions. Please note that these files do not work with the original dualboot installer. Also note that you cannot simply use the new kernel with your existing dualboot installation, you must install the dualboot loader that comes with this package, and must use the included kernel (zImage file) in order to utilize these enhancements.

I have provided installation scripts for both Windows (32) and Linux (x86). Unfortunately I'm not able to provide a Mac version at this time.

Finally, though this should be obvious, you cannot use this on an A320! It will only work on the new A330!

If you have any questions or run into problems, please contact me here. Please read the instructions carefully and if you are submitting a bug report, please follow the bug report directions that are in the readme file.


Change log (1.01):
Please note, the installer has been updated to Version 1.01 to correct a flaw in the Windows installer.
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