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Saint Seiya - Death and Rebirth 1.0

"Nine years have been passed since Atena, combining her Cosmo with Ikki, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun Cosmos, have defeated God Ades, stabbing his chest. Seiya and the other Knights, supposed to be dead, found themself on the earth. Then, they are contacted by the Great Mur, by telekinesis..." This is the intro of this mod, based on the "Knights of the Zodiac" saga. The game features:
- 4 playable chars + 2 secret chars (the PSP version features only two playable chars)
- more than 13 levels
- second cloth wearable (increases power)
- scenes from the TV series + self edited scenes
- 10 bosses
- inedit story (Italian localization)
- widescreen full compatible
- 2 different endings
- heavy use of "branches"

Change log (1.0):
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