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Crime Buster 1.0

Story :Crime Buster is Special Police Force. Their first task is to investigate illegal drugs that has plagued the city then stop its trade by defeating and arresting the boss dealer.
Heroes :Maxima, Ralf, Athena, Kula and Bao (+ Secret Hero)
Features :
1. All heroes can run and therefore can perform running attack and running jump attack
2. All heroes can dodge (ala SoR3) and can perform forward+special (ala SoR2)
3. All heroes have 3 freespecials (except for Maxima who only has 2) and extra grabattacks. See Howtoplay for details
4. Challenging enemies and bosses ;)
5. 2 different paths and each has 2 branches. That means there are 4 different endings
6. 3 bonus stages per path

Change log (1.0):
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