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Tchou v2

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Code : Fully in Asembly with CA65 + snes kit. Source code will be release soon on dieudunet DOT blogspot DOT com.
Music by KungFuFurby
Graphics And Sprite : My wife and my son (6 years old)
Fully test on NTSC SNES. Working perfectly on real hardware.

Description :

Tchou is a green ET with big ears. He wins a ship at the lottery and now explores the universe.
But today, he enters the galaxy of the Orange Evil Octopus??
( I?m not a scenarist?.that?s sure)

Tchou is a survivor shoot?em up game.
The goal is to survive many waves of foe, each wave coming with is own trajectory, resistance and speed.
After some waves (depending of the level you choose) you?ll reach the Boss . Try to survive to him now.

Joypad :

A : Shoot
B: Activate shield
Start : Pause

Gameplay :

Shoot and destroy foe is easy.
But you must handle intelligently your shield.

The rules are simple (or not, depending on the reader..):

- You can activate the shield when you want if you have more than 0 battery (lower left corner). Consume 1 battery
- The battery recharge every 6 seconds (nearly )  add 1 battery
- You can have a maximum of 8 charges of shield
- Your ship has an automatic ?shield activation process? (Code name SAP, code on assembly is seems,).
But this system consumes a lot of battery to be executed. So, it will consume ALL the battery you have.
- This means that if you?re hit 2 times in 7 seconds. Well, you?re dead.
- The better idea is to start the shield just before being hit

I have no real beta tester. So if someone can give me feedback about the gameplay and everythong,it would be nice.

Hope you will enjoy.


Change log (v2):
I've changed the bounding colision off the ship. it's easier now. and it seems really more playable.
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