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SPC700 Player 2.14.5

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The overview of this software is:

* This software is a very simple player that can play SNES SPC700 sound files.
* It has lightness, high speed, and simplicity by squeezing functionality only to emulation.
* Uses a customized SNESAPU based on the official library (Alpha-II Productions).
* Supports "ID666" text/binary format (SPC file tag), and compatible with "Script700".
* Sound indicator that specializes in SPC.
* Supports 32bit-float, 96kHz (MAX) output.
* Does not use the Windows Registry. Uninstallation is very easy, just delete the files.

Change log (2.14.5):
* Improved multi-monitor work environments.
* The command parameters lr (left and right volume settings) added.
* [Playlist] - [Start playing] item [start] [last] was increased.
* When you right-click menu button on the taskbar, a menu item was added to the same window.
* The library in the state of the Ctrl key while SPC file, or if you drop the folder for you to register to clear the files from the library.
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