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Metroid Super Zeromission 2.00

Please read before playing.

Thank you for downloading and being so patient.

Please use the patch on an unheadered ROM.

Gameplay modifications

Samus's action
·Samus can switch to a spin jump in mid-air by pressing the jump button.
·Boost Dash is accomplished by pushing the dash button and either Left or Right on the Dpad on a slope during a horizontal shinespark.
However, do not push other buttons.
·The speed of the shinespark has been changed because of adjustments to the difficulty and the ability to chain Boost Dashes together.
·If you spin while falling, the space jump is always possible.

Samus's cannon
·Shooting missiles and dropping bombs rapidly has been improved.
·Normal beam - Discharge rate increased
·Spazer - Discharge rate increased, Bullet speed decreased
·Ice beam - Attack increased, Discharge rate increased
·Wave beam - Bullet speed increased
·Plasma beam - Discharge rate increased, Bullet speed increased, Attack power increased

Energy tanks add 50 more to your reserves. 28 total
Missle tanks add 5 more to your reserves. 46 total
Super Missle tanks add 2 more to your reserves. 25 total
Power Bomb tanks add 2 more to your reserves. 25 total

Item drops - the amount of recovery has been increased.
Big Energy 30
Small energy 10
Missle 2
Super Missle 2
Power Bomb 2

In this HACK, the regular route is similar to the original, but the difficulty is high.
Use mid-air morph for getting into tight areas.
If you can clear the original game, you should be able to clear this game.
Playing through the game normally does not require the use of wall jump or infinite bomb jump, but it makes the game a lot easier.

However, it is much more difficult to get 100% items.
Almost all of Samus's special techniques are required.

It will help if you have already played through ZERO MISSION.
Before you play this HACK, play through Zero Mission and the original to make your experience more enjoyable (or just watch playthroughs).

Warning! Below is a description of the traps:








Sensors have been added to a few places in the game.

There are several types of sensors.
Yellow Sensors - When touched, routes are limited and many Spaces Pirates will appear.
If you are not detected the Pirates of the territory will not be released.
It is possible to go through it without touching them, but it is more difficult.

Green Sensors - Activates an indestructible wall. Leave the room to reset it.

Thick sensors - The beam. The same as spikes.

Red sensors - A laser. Damage can vary based on movement.

Blue Sensors - Function the same as the floor.

Touch sensor - is determined thicker than it appears (they are one block wide.)
As for passing through it, you just need to stand next to it and it will react.
You'll then be able to see whether or not anything happened.

Sorry for the poor English. If it is hard to read, please understand I tried my best.

Change log (2.00):
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