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Jet Pilot Rising 1.0

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This homebrew-game was speedcoded in celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the SFC/SNES by Dieter von Lazer in merely 24 hours!

Translated from German:
In Jet Pilot Rising was from the coder Dieter Lazer in just 24 hours to 23 Gecodet Anniversary of the SNES and sent to 6 cartridges to a lucky few of Selected assembler virtuoso. In this game the player controls obscure enough, a rocket-riding cat. The gameplay works so that it drops without input, but by pressing a button gets a little boost. So they tried to cure at obstacles and opponents control over and collect coins by the way for new life. This is anything but simple and yet amazingly funny for plays such a simple concept (one needs, in principle, only a button for the game and it can one-handed play). If you lose a life, you will be very nasty set at each level beginning. From just these there are three that rise and prevent you from the game easy durchdaddelt like a Sunday stroll really noticeable in each case in difficulty. , the graphic style and the setting are very original and artistic kept, even if it is to me a quite bit of negative attention that the coins, the cat and the rocket are indeed rendered and Backgrounds converted and filtered photos, opponents, however, pixelart, resulting in a small fraction in the optical. The soundtrack is the finest chiptune by Composer stargazer, which varies in each level and very well done sound effects, the game will also get donated, which as the rocket launch and a collision emphasizes good. Unfortunately, the hitbox of the rocket and opponents is sometimes cryptic, you shattered some opponents and wall contacts not although they are actually already touches and sometimes shatters you, even though you came only in the vicinity and there has been no contact. Small, but not adversely affecting the game slow downs can be seen even in many sprites on the screen. Nevertheless, the game pass over outweighs the frustration and it definitely is a successful reaction game that requires a bit of memorization. The strange cats setting also has a very interesting charm and it was also speedgecoded ... Simply wow! Homebrew title, it is really outstanding!

Change log (1.0):
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