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bsnes 0.073 (64-bit)

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BSNES 64-Bit Version 0.87
This is the bleeding-edge of SNES emulation accuracy. Absolutely no sacrifices are made for performance, and any unnecessary features have been removed for stability and simplicity. Download this only if you are serious about accuracy, and have a powerful computer.

Change log (0.073 (64-bit)):
* added NEC uPD77C25 emulation core
* added low-level emulation of the DSP-1, DSP-1B, DSP-2, DSP-3, DSP-4 coprocessors
* removed high-level emulation of the DSP-n coprocessors
* added blargg's libco::ppc.c module, which is far more portable, even running on the PS3
* added software filter support via binary plugins
* added debugger (currently Linux-only); but it is as yet unstable
* added pause shortcut
* updated mightymo's cheat code database
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