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bsnes 0.070

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BSNES 64-Bit Version 0.87
This is the recommended release for casual gamers. This is the most feature-complete version:

* Runs on 32-bit Windows
* Multiple profiles that balance accuracy against performance
* Fullscreen support
* Built-in software video filters
* Cheat finder
* Movie recording and playback support
* Screenshot capture support

Change log (0.070):
* configuration file is now called bsnes-qt.cfg; the first run of this release will start with a clean state
* MSU1 now supports audio looping via new PCM file format
* disabled state load/save menu due to a serious bug in Qt 4.6.0 for Windows
* RawInput: all keyboards merged to KB0, it should no longer be required to reconfigure the keyboard out-of-the-box
* RawInput: fixed a bug where Xbox 360 controller states were being overwritten by DirectInput controllers
* RawInput: fixed a device sorting bug caused by moving ruby to Unicode
* Direct3D: fixed a pixel shader bug caused by moving ruby to Unicode
* Linux port: fixed sudo make install target
* Linux port: default to gcc/g++ instead of gcc-4.5/g++-4.5 for one last release
* updated to mightymo's 2010-09-20 cheat pack
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