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Free McBoot 1.93

Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) is a homebrew software which is designed to setup your PlayStation 2 console and provide you with a means of launching homebrew software, without the need for any extra hardware, modifications to your console or dangerous tricks like the legendary swap trick.

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What does FMCB v1.9 offer?

For mere humans:
*Smaller, faster and more stable. :P
*The HDD unit is now supported.
*The "Early Japanese"/PCMCIA units (SCPH-10000, SCPH-15000 and SCPH-18000) are fully supported.
*Chinese consoles are now supported (e.g. SCPH-50009).
*When you leave the CD/DVD tray ejected, FMCB/FHDB will not stall.
*Your play history will now be updated (The towers in the background of the "Sony computer entertainment" screen should continue to grow taller and greater in numbers)

Technical changes:
*Initialization code has been cut down.
*Some IRX modules (init.irx and chkesr.irx) have been removed (superceded by code that runs from the EE, like their Sony originals).
*DVD player selection code has been replaced with one similar to the one used by Sony.
*The console initialization code has been replaced with a Sony-like version.
*CNF parsing code has been optimized.
*The memory map has been adjusted slightly, so everything now fits below Sony's idea of "user memory" (below 0x00100000).
*Support for the Protokernel and all HDD OSDs have been added.
*(For the HDDOSD version of FMCB only) ELFs can be booted from any partition on the HDD. The format of the path is :. (e.g. hdd0:__sysconf:pfs:/FMCB/FMCB_configurator.elf).
This can be easily set using the included FMCB/FHDB configurator.
*The CD/DVD drive will now be stopped if a normal ELF is started (Under the assumption that most homebrew ELFs probably won't ever use the drive).
*The user's history file (the file which affects the towers within the "Sony Computer Entertainment" startup screen) will now be updated whenever Playstation/Playstation 2 game/software discs are launched, as well as DVD video discs.
*Reloading the OSD from within the OSD triggers a full reload of FMCB, because I felt that it'll be cleaner.
*The location of ESR will now be checked only when ESR is requested to be loaded.
*The embedded EELOAD module has been cleaned up, and loads at 0x00082000 instead (Like rom0:EELOAD does).
*FMCB has been split into two. The part of FMCB which remains resident will be copied into its place during runtime, allowing the initialization part of it to have the entire PlayStation 2 for initialization and drawing something nice on the screen (Not done at the moment as it makes FMCB quite a fair bit larger).
*Full support for the SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000. Not only will it patch up the SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000 kernels fully (Applies OSD argument-passing patch), it also includes its own HDD support modules and can act as a replacement for the Sony system driver update.
*Prototype support for the PSX. Its OSD is not supported, meaning that there will be no hacked OSD for the PSX.
*Supports non-Sony HDD units (Support for non-Sony HDD units within the HDD OSD/browser v2.00 update depends on the HDD OSD itself).
*New FMCB configurator program which supports the HDD unit.
*Added support for the Chinese consoles (Magicgate region 09, folder letter C. e.g. SCPH-50009).

Change log (1.93):
Changelog for the FMCB v1.9 series
v1.93 - 2013/09/03
*Fixed support for the PSX (DVR unit). It will now boot properly, and sets the EE and CD/DVD drive into "PS2 mode".
*Changed the way arguments are passed to the OSD program. FMCB will no longer parse and repeat the arguments, but passes the arguments directly to the OSD program "as-is".
*Recompiled the FMCB configurator to have the updated FMCB release version number. Also, with this recompilation, the Protokernel patch within it has been updated (Note: This doesn't really matter because the patch from the FMCB binary would have already been applied).
*The MBR program's EELOAD module had it's argument storage widened, so that it can take in 16 user arguments (To avoid buffer overflows, since the code within it was always limiting the number of accepted arguments to 16).
*Added a clone of the kernel update for the SCPH-10000 (v1.01) and SCPH-15000.
*Fixed OSD configuration setup for the SCPH-50009. Its OSD sets its "region" field to 2 instead of 1, despite this console being in the NTSC region.
*Modified the "inner browser" setting to allow the user to specify how FMCB/FHDB will handle booting into the OSD (Either always boot into the browser or not, or just let the browser have its default behaviour).
For those who wish to edit this setting by hand, the valid values are as follows: 0 = AUTO, 1 = force ON (always boot into the browser), 2 = force OFF (always stay out of the browser). It was made this way for backward compatibility.
*Removed the "return to loader" option, since I had no intent on maintaining it. The user can put uLaunchELF basically anywhere, and uLaunchELF isn't part of FMCB anyway.
*FMCB will now no longer display the FMCB logo when software like the DVD player quits, to match the behaviour of the OSD program.

v1.92 - 2013/08/22
*Fix for the SCPH-70000 series consoles: Added a IOP reset at the start of FMCB, so that the IOP will contain the same modules across all console models.
*Fixed the kernel patch (See PS2SDK updates for today and yesterday) for the SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000.
*Removed IOP reset from the EE ELF loader, as some homebrew software depend on the loaded modules for file access.
*The patch for sceCdForbidDVDP() will now be specially invoked earlier on for the Protokernel OSD, as the bulk of the patch code is run after sceCdForbidDVDP() is run by the OSD. This solves DVD booting.
*Adjusted DVD video/ESR-patched disc booting code, so that a definite result will result (Either a BootError or the disc boots).
*Optimized code.
*Fixed OSDSYS patch for the SCPH-10000 with boot ROM v1.00. The HDD modules should now be loaded when the card is inserted in slot 1.
*Added code that kills all threads but the main thread. When control is wrenched from the hacked OSD, any thread created by the OSD is left behind and that can result in weird behaviour (e.g. if the stray thread(s) reinitializes a RPC connection with the IOP, especially during an IOP reset). This fixes ELF launching on the SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000, when the OSD is reloaded.

v1.91 - 2013/08/19
*Fixed ESR support.
*Removed calls to FlushCache() before ExecPS2(). The Sony documents say that it's a requirement because the game might be running on an unpatched Protokernel.
However, FMCB will patch the kernel at startup and this is not required.
*Changed the splash image to a 16-bit bitmap. 30KB of space is saved... but the overall gain (after packing) is minimal because graphics isn't a really compressible sort of data.
*For FHDB: The HDD unit will not be powered-off when the ROM OSD is used.
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