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Starwars (Virtual Boy) DEMO 3/2/13

So after a huge learning curve to overcome and lots of trial and error I now have (what I believe anyway) to be a decent set of graphics functions for wire frame graphics. Here is a little demo I wipped up using these functions. I'm most happy with the line algorithm which automatically plots the parallax based on the z value while writing the pixels to the frame buffer. So parallax actually takes care of its self as the line is being plotted on a pixel by pixel basis. I haven't actually seen this on the Virtual Boy yet but my brother has and said it looks pretty good. My first attempt at this demo was a little hard on the eyes so I adjusted some values and hopefully this one is a little easier to look at. If you use the left d-pad you can move around a bit.

Change log (DEMO 3/2/13):
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