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Ridiculous Reality (Atari 800) FINAL

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Platformer where you must move around the game board to reach exits. Works on Atari800 PSP

Final version contains some new features and differences compared to ABBUC version. Those features were requested by players mostly from AtariAge. It might not look hard, but modifying game to incorporate changes cost much effort and uncompressed binary almost touched interesting 200kB boundary.

New features:
support of NTSC video systems – ingame logo is simplified when game runs on NTSC
ability to turn off/on ingame music – controlled by function keys Select and Start
codes for skipping actual level – code gets displayed after winning of particular level. Codes consist of key Shift and combination of Start, Select, Option. It sounds easy, but keep in mind, that you have to press function keys and hold them until time when you have to release them. It’s TOGGLE button style, so you have to try role of pianist in order to enter code .
some levels have slightly modified design and some graphics glitches were fixed. They did not touched functional part of game.
modified game ending

RR team consists of better known and also less known members of Atari scene, so here are credits:
Martin ‘MatoSimi’ Šimeček – Programming and project leadership
Adam Wachowski – Game design
Michał “stRing” Radecki – Music, Level design
Adam “Ooz” Powroźnik – Title screen and final screen
Jakub Husak – Cartridge design and production

Change log (FINAL):
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