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RetroCopy 0.960

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Accurate and fun

RetroCopy emulates home consoles and arcade systems so that you can play the games made for those different machines on your PC. RetroCopy simulates hardware extremely accurately which ensures that these classic games are represented exactly like they were on the real systems.
Rewriting history

Reliving old memories isn't just about playing the games. Many of our fond memories revolve around looking at the game covers, reading reviews and talking to our friends about games. RetroCopy lets you do all this so you can go down history lane in style.
Bloat free and 100% custom

Designed in optimized C++ and featuring a custom user interface, custom 3D graphics engine, custom 3D sound engine and cycle accurate emulator cores means RetroCopy does things in a different way than anything else.
Virtual Game Room

With RetroCopy you can design your own virtual game room, place virtual TV sets and then PLAY games or movies in your virtual room. It's Sims 3 for videogame lovers. Using a custom OpenGL 3D engine, your game room comes alive with shadows, per pixel lighting and screen projection.
Not just an emulator

RetroCopy also lets you play video files utilizing it's advanced video and audio engine that ensures CPU usage stays low! Supports all popular formats and codecs (AVI, MPEG, FLV, MP4, HD video, etc)

Change log (0.960):
[SG1000/SC3000] Added SG1000 and SC3000 emulation.
[SMS VDP] Added TMS9918 gfx mode 1. Fixes Super Boy 2
[SMS VDP] Changed TMS9918 palette to be a bit more accurate
[SMS VDP] Fixed how the graphics modes were selected
[SMS VDP] Fixed issue with vcounts in non 192 line modes (fixes GG Turrican)
[SMS VDP] Fixed no vscroll in last 8 column bug (fixes Fray Shugyou)
[SMS VDP] Fixed small bug that wouldn't reset CRAM to 0 in all cases

[GAME GEAR] Fixed a few issues with gear-to-gear cable link emulation. All games should work now
[GAME GEAR] Implemented SMS Mode for the few titles which use it on Game Gear. With an emulated LCD scale effect similar to real system
[GAME GEAR] Moved cartridge system over to SMS one, fixes a few games
[GAME GEAR] Fixed an issue in the mapper dealing with SRAM over 16KB and less than 32KB. (Fixes Shining Force 2 and Moldorian)
[Z80] Improved handling of NMI

[CORE] Added SK-1100 keyboard emulation
[CORE] Implemented 16bit memory map system that can be used by any core. Has some tight low level code for speed. Makes Z80 about ~5% faster
[CORE] Many bug fixes to small emulation related things

[GUI] Removed default RetroCopy 3D game boxes and replaced it with garage door type animation
[GUI] Completely new configuration area, graphical based with right click menus.
[GUI] Can now see visually and configure input for games before you run them
[GUI] Added ability for cartridge/card scans to be used in the interface for all systems
[GUI] Fixed a few issues with stretched blits
[GUI] Fixed small mouse scroll issue with scrollbars
[GUI] Added bg click functionality to scrollbars
[GUI] Added better image scaling, box sampling, bilinear and bicubic used when appropriate
[GUI] Now remove textures when windows are hidden, not just deleted, to save VRAM
[GUI] Fixed issue with non client area mouseenter/mouseleave
[GUI] Changed mouse behaviour when in Windowed mode. Can now leave the window during when no game is played
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