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Pinata (5-in-1) Atari 2600 104

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I decided to release a compilation of the games that I've made in my half-year or so of working on Atari 2600 goodness. It includes updated versions of my four original games, as well as a fifth, new game. It should be 100% compatible with emulators and cartridges like the Harmony. Enjoy!

Some of Pinata's features include:
- Five games, including arcade, action, and adventure: Heartbreak, Ping, Joyride, Fix-It Felix Sr., and Flipside.
- Hard modes for each game, set with left difficulty switch.
- Multiplayer modes for Joyride and Flipside, set with right difficulty switch.
- Driving controller support for Heartbreak.
- Full AtariVox save support for all games.
- Support for resetting high scores (hold reset and press joystick fire while on the title menu).
- Colorful game selection and credits screens.
- Ability to exit to title screen from games without toggling power switch (flip select and reset at the same time).

Thanks to everyone at AtariAge who helped me out! For detailed credits, check the credits screen.

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