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Pac-Guy 4 (Virtual Boy) 2/18/2013

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Pac-Guy 4 (Virtual Boy) 2/20/2013
My new game. It doesn't have sound yet, nor much of anything else, but I got it working on Mednafen, and I thought I'd show level 1 for you. I don't know if anyone remembers or knows about Pac-Guy 1-3, but it was a PC game released in the mid and/or late '90s. This is my homage to these games, as I'm continuing the series. The title screen needs to be updated, but at least level 1 is fully working. If you beat it, it just goes back to level 1. Have not tested on real hardware yet.

Change log (2/18/2013):
+Added new level 2 tune.
+Added an "eat dot" sfx (which was the hardest thing to do!)
+Reduced size of game from 8 Megabits down to 4. I just want to see how much stuff I can cram into 4. If necessary, I'll bump it back up to 8. Game is the same size as Mario's Tennis and Panic Bomber.)
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