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Monster Management Security Bureau of Cincinnati 2 (Atari 2600) 1.0

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MONSTER MANAGEMENT SECURITY BUREAU OF CINCINNATI 2. This is a show piece for the Louisville Arcade Expo. Writer/Artist Ricky Henry wanted something to draw crowds in for his comic/manga work Monster Management Security Bureau of Cincinnati. The video game convention is in March so development and production needs to be done by mid Feb. This is my only project with a hard deadline right now.

* Two player cooperative gameplay
* Two simultaneous laser shots of different colors
* Up to 8 enemies simulated
* Parallax side-scrolling
* Unique coloring for each individual object on-screen
* Health bars have unique coloring per player

Gameplay instructions
Reset button resets game. Select toggles between 3 difficulty modes: normal, hard and maniac. Use joystick for player 1 and 2 movement. Fire buttons launch lasers. Both players work to shoot down baddies and max out the score. Each player has their own shield bars to the bottom left and bottom right. If the players shield bar shrinks to nothing they must land and refuel. Each refueling reduces the cities moral (bar at top). If the city runs out of moral the game is over. At certain intervals a boss will appear. After the boss is defeated gameplay will continue at a higher pace. Both enemy speed and damage increase!

* Sometimes enemies will rob you of refueling by forcing you to abort landing.
* Some enemies prefer stalking different players. Thus you can lure them away from collision.
Progress reports will follow in subsequent posts. The current official build should ALWAYS be in the first post.M.M.S.B.C. is the work of Ricky Hunter and Chad SchoettleProgramming and some design and in-game media by me.

Special thanks to go:
SeaGtGruff for his pfscroll library
R.T. KevinMos3 and others for feedback
iesposta for bug hunting
stephena for his excellent work on Stella.
bogax for coding help and scorebar routines
CPUWIZ for having my back
Finally, big thanks to AtariAge in general. No way this would ever have a chance without you guys.

Change log (1.0):
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