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Lengend of Helga (Virtual Boy) 4/23/13

Three years later, I've decided to come back to this one. Something about the way that Pac-Guy moves reminded me of Zelda, so I thought, "Didn't I do a Zelda-type game for the VB and then abandon it?" Everything here is working, except the boundaries. Pink (the little guy) can go off screen. What's next is adding title screen music as well as in-game music. The cave on the upper-left corner is where Pink gets his paper sword (to fight paper creatures, of course!) but I haven't got that far yet. Tell me if you run across any bugs.

Change log (4/23/13):
Here is today's version. Let me know about bugs. I killed the one that happened when you started and the screen was off center. I also added something that happens when you go in the cave that I think is pretty cool.
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