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L.E.M. Lunar Excursion Module (ATARI) v0.9

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I programmed simple Lunar Lander's genre games for my preferred computers (C64 and Atari 8-bit).
Thanks to batariBasic, I have done a version for Atari VCS console.

I think this game is a sort of "Hello Word" for me!

I want to thank Fred Quimby for awesome batariBasic and Harmony cart, Jeff Wierer for Visual batariBasic (it's a pleasure to program with his IDE), Duane Alan Hahn for batariBasic manual, music and high score code, Mike Saarna for Titlescreen kernel, title screen's L.E.M. and score custom fonts all-in-one file and Steve Engelhardt for his code snippets.

Game's size is 4KB but I switched to 8KB when I added title screen's music and to 16KB when I added a bitmap title screen.

Change log (v0.9):
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