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Island Adventure (PC-Engine) Neo Compo 2012

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d-pad........move character
run............begin game menu
button i.....OK
button ii.....attack , cancel


"Island Adventure" (hehe) is a little game I wrote in my spare time over the past few weeks. I played through YsI&II just before the compo was announced, so I decided to make an action, rpg, adventure game... anyway, this entry is the result.

There are probably some bugs remain, but it should be playable from beginning to end. I can beat it very quickly, but of course I know everything to do, hehe. This was a solo-project (only me), maybe I should have at least found a beta tester

I'm not really satisfied with it, I know it could be better... but I guess it turned out pretty good for how little free-time I found to work on it. I learned a lot along the way and had fun working, so that's all that really matters!!

Sorry, I didn't include a save function. It was mostly implemented but I felt it was rather useless for such a short game, so I took it out
(I don't want to cause some problem with anybody's other game save data)
If you have some problem finishing the game (too confusing?), please tell me... I can write a short guide later if anybody want

Technical info:

This project was written in C and compiled with HuC. The MML music/sfx engine is Squirrel 3.0 by Arkhan at Aetherbyte. The game music I found online, originally midi files, and used 3mle to convert to mml...I tried to make it sound OK, but music and sound effects was not my big concern. The midi file names: godzilla-comical.mid and H-market.mid,, I think both were from Gameboy games, godzilla and hamtaro(?)

The rom works on my neo flash pc-e 128+save (after I pad it to 4Mb), so I guess it should work fine on all models. I didn't test on a USA console...if you have any problem, you can message me for some help.

Thanks for checking my game entry. Congratulations to everyone who entered! I'm so happy to see many games and apps this that I finished, I can start enjoying play the other entries

Change log (Neo Compo 2012):
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