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InsmEdit 1.2

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Here is InsmEdit, the first editor for Insmouse No Yakata.

It's a simple editor that can currently edit patches with level layouts, level passwords, and player starting positions.

It comes with a readme file that explains everything and an example patch that demonstrates its usage.

Special thanks to DogP for his forum post which encouraged me to do research on Insmouse and KR155E for his excellent FAQ which helped in finding out where the player starting positions are stored.

Change log (1.2):
Months after discovering how to edit monsters, I have finally finished and released version 1.2, which can edit monsters. Changes since version 1.1:

* There is finally a level monster editor.

* Music track descriptions have been updated.

* If you remove resources from a file and then save it (not "Save As"), the file will now become smaller.

* In the previous version, the patch description window and About box disabled the currently open editor and did not reenable it when closed. This has been corrected.

* In the previous version, if InsmEdit asked you whether you wanted to save changes to a patch and you chose "Cancel", the main program window closed and any other open windows remained open. This has been fixed and now works as expected.

* If you remove a resource, InsmEdit will now ask you whether you want to save the patch on exit.

* Improved keyboard support.
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