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GameHero Midi-Player (Virtual Boy) 3/5/12

Hey everyone,

this is my first GameHero post release. As I already mentioned, I programmed a simple Midi-Player that plays all of the music in my game. I cleaned up the code and removed all of the game logics. Whats left is the basic midi player and some debug output. The zip file includes a binary as well as the complete source code.

The Midi-Player is pretty close to what HorvatM did with his Soviet Union 2011 sound engine, even though our projects are totally unrelated. Actually, our projects are that similar, that I was able to copy most of his introduction text to my project. However, there are major differences in how we handle timing of notes. It basically comes down to this:

- If you want to have sounds in your game you should go with the Soviet Union 2011 sound engine

- If you want to play music in the background you may want to use the GameHero Midi Player

The Midi2VB converter (which is going to be released soon) supports both projects, so the choice is yours.

Even tough both projects look similar, they work together very well. I attached a version of the SU Sound Engine that is able to play sounds as usual but also can use the GameHero MidiPlayer to play music in the background. Therefore, I basically changed nothing in both of our codes. I only used channel 5 for the Midi-Player to avoid interferences.

If someone finds time (not me) it would be a good idea to combine the strength of both systems.


Ohhh... and I am not used to program c so don't wonder if my code sometimes looks strange (damn pointers).

Change log (3/5/12):
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