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FacEdit 1.0

Editor for Faceball Virtual Boy game.

OK... here we go. I actually already finished FacEdit a long time ago. With all the stuff going on in my life I completely forgot about this little thing. However, here is what FacEdit is capable of:

- Create 56 levels for Faceball
- set position and types for walls
- set enemies of any type
- change strength of enemies
- change drop items of enemies
- set star orientation of enemies
- change behavior of enemies
- set positions of items
- set player health
- set timer time
- set music for each level
- modify credits
- set control scheme
- enable/disable debug menu
- testing in mednafen
- flashing using Flashboy
- stuff

Using it is pretty simple. you add stuff with left click and remove it with right click. The modified rom can be found in the "rom" directory. Don't delete the .bak file there.

If you add too many enemies, walls, items or play around too much with the custom enemy behavior you might break the game. Usually the level doesn't start, jumps to the next level if you come close to an enemy or resets the game when you finish a level if the game is broken.

Also, major SPOILER WARNING. The level editor has all of Bens and mine levels in there which have been released as "Faceball: Remastered". If you want to start without those levels just remove the stages.xml before starting the editor.

Have fun building stuff.

Change log (1.0):
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