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Faceball Remastered (Virtual Boy) 1.0

I'm finally done. I have to admit I didn't put allot of work into this in the last couple of month. I was simply busy with other stuff and I will be even more busy in the near future. However, I wanted to push this out before things go too crazy.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who jumped on board to make this game possible. It was the first time I received so much support from the community (without even asking for it). You guys rock!

I don't know if there will be a card release. If there is one I will not earn any money on it. My cut can be used to buy cards for future repos.

Ben and I playtested all levels. However, I didn't test the final game completely. Also keep in mind that this is my first ROM hack. So if you find glitches or stuff just post them here and I will see if it can be fixed.

Other then that: Have fun playing!

Change log (1.0):
- 56 unique levels (half of them designed by Benjamin Stevens) instead of the original 14 demo levels
- Hidden Faceball enemy reactivated
- Hidden Menu Image reactivated
- Hidden Music reactivated (instead of the same song over and over again)
- Improved controls (deal with it)
- disabled debug menu (thanks to HorvatM)
- Faceball start-logo (thanks to Morintari and RunnerPack for providing the source image for free)
- New text in credits (without typos)
- Level editor to change all of this stuff (if BPS would have had a tool like that they would have finished the game)
- Maybe some other stuff I can't think of right now
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