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Epic Adventure (Atari 2600) 1.5

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I've been working on my next Adventure game for the last few months, and I think it's gotten to the point where it's actually kind of fun to play. Created with the DPC+ kernel (you'll need the latest version of Stella to play), it's preliminarily called "Epic Adventure".

It's an entirely new Adventure game built from the ground-up featuring 32 rooms / mazes with all-new items and enemies (see picture below). It's kind of a mixture of Adventure and Lord of the Rings. The goal of the game is "the usual" - get the golden chalice back to your home castle. But first, you must kill the Dragon in order for the chalice to appear in one of three places - the Wizard's Castle, the Dragon's Castle, or the Troll's Cave.

Some new features:
• upgraded graphics
• new torch lighting effect
• one skeleton key to open all castles
• staff for long-range attacks
• amulet makes you invisible to enemies
• you can make the hawk drop objects by sniping him with the staff (if you're quick enough)
• the hawk will sometimes pick you up if you don't have any items, and you can control his x-axis while flying.
• when you're in the same room as the palintir, you'll move at half-speed.

Change log (1.5):
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