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Candy Catcher FINAL

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Hey Guys,
This is my attempt to develop and release an Atari 2600 homebrew game before Halloween which I've named Candy Catcher. Here is a screen shots of the game and the Cartridge Label:

The object of the game is simple. Catch Candy however you have to beware the robot that comes and tries to hit you! Here is how scoring is going to work:

You catch a piece of candy : + 10 points
You jump and crush the robot : + 15 points
You miss a piece of candy and it hits the ground : - 1 point
You get hit by a piece of candy : - 5 points
The robot grabs a piece of candy : - 10 points (Basically random luck on the robots part but forces you to take more challenging moves!)
The robot hits you = Game Over.

The Left Difficulty Switch determines which game mode you are playing.
Difficulty B Easy
The frequency at which the robot appears on the screen is fixed and does not change.
The first 3 times you smash the robot, the robots speed will increase
The score is purple in color
Difficulty A Pro
Both the frequency and the speed of the robot will increase for the first 3 times you smash the robot
The score is red in color
The reason behind the design of the player sprite and the robot sprite is my tribute to Berzerk, my personal favorite game for the 2600. I've set some limits for myself and it has turned out to be more challenging than I thought.
I've used the multi-sprite kernel in Batari Basic which actually presented some challenges when it comes to collision detection which I'm still working on at the moment. I used this kernel to make it easier and in turn has been a very interesting learning curve.

4K Limit. I wanted to see if I could make a fun simple game into 4K. As it stands right now I have about 195 bytes left.

Implement sound (Something I have never done).
Let me know what you think!

Candy Catcher is available for pre-order here!

Note: You have permission to use this program with emulators and on a real Atari using a Harmony cartridge or similar device. Please do not include any version of this program in collections and please don't put it on cartridge without first getting my permission.

Change log (FINAL):
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