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Ballface (Virtual Boy) 1.0

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Hi VB friends!

Who wants to play "Faceball" early? ;)

Ever since Mr. G started that thread, I've been secretly working on my own homebrew clone of it, a repro-proto if you will :)
It's solely based on his screenshots/videos and detailed information to recreate as much of the game as possible. I think the time has come to share what I have so far.

All 10 levels described by Mr. G are playable and completable right now. The map and radar is there, as is powerup drops, and the controls should be pretty close to the original.
(My favourite is stage 6, it looks so cool with all those wireframe glass panels)
Currently there's only two enemy types through all levels, no AI to speak of, and no sound, but I'll be working on that next.

The plan for the future is to add lots of more levels, and probably some textured walls and 2-player link cable support.

I call it Ballface. Expect more updates soon :)

Change log (1.0):
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