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Axel K and the Lost Bills (ZX Spectrum) 1.0

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Axel is a young guy from the county of Daraxian (don't confuse with Radaxian!). One day, on his way to work (Axel is not a prince like his cousin Alex, so he must have a real job) some ugly birds stole him a few bills. Strange but well... bad things can happen.

The next day the daraxian Ministery of Economy contacts him for a Tax Inspection. This is suspicious! The evil finance minister, Mr. Burnstoro, is behind all of this.

The Game.

Help Axel to find the 15 lost bills spreading around Daraxian. Go inside the ice caves, visit scary places and survive collecting your bills. Don't let Mr. Burnstoro win!


O (joystick left): move left
P (joystick right): move right
Space-bar (action): jump
Movement+action: moving/pushing boxes/blocks

Change log (1.0):
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