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Tic-Tac XO Final

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This is the first game for the Nintendo Entertainment System that I have finished 100%. It’s basically a game of tic-tac-toe, but with extra features added into it. These include the ability to take an extra turn, swap an ‘O’ tile out and put your ‘X’ tile in, clear a row, or clear a column. You can obtain these power-ups through different means: getting three stalemates in a row, winning diagonally, winning horizontally, or winning vertically, respectively.

At the bottom of this section of Tic-Tac XO, you’ll find a link to download the demo and final ROMs of the game. If you enjoy the demo and would like to get your hands on the full game, you can do so by following this link and grabbing a cart from the publisher, RetroZone downloading it at the bottom of the page. Note that in the demo ROM here on my site, the computer can be beaten without the power-ups through these moves: Top Right, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right, Middle Right. This isn’t able to be done on the cartridge or final game in this manner.

Change log (Final):
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