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Sir Ababol FINAL

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History / Story
At the end of the eleventh century, the young Mr. Ababol crossed Manchester City, across the pastures of the French Brittany, climbed the endless peaks of the Pyrenees to dismount Alcoraz along the River. There, looked stunned how St. George of Cappadocia, also known as "the Dragon", helped the faithful in their conquest of the territories dominated by infidels.

Such was his bewilderment at such apparition stumbled upon a rock, fell ass on a fat ball of spikes, which made him hit a jump and fall to the flow of the river that crawled to the Monegro's desert.

They awoke as a sheep licking her left cheek and diose realized he had lost his sword without which he could not continue his journey crossed the world. Posts to cross, crossed the alfalfa sembra'o to ask a good man if he had seen his sword. The lush eyebrows gentle man pointed to a field of wild ababoles ...

What were those embodied flowers as he casually called? Is it a matter of fate? How long the leads Alcoraz Monegros? Why train but Santa Marta has no streetcar? What do you think Belloch in such circumstances? Which way is Jerusalem? Will taxi zone B? ... Too many questions raced through his head, shook all of a sneeze and introduced brave and gallant among the flowers.

From here your fate is in your fingers. Direct the dark recesses between monegriles, help collect the necessary ababoles and retrieves his sword to continue the road to Jerusalem. Amen. Jesus.

The Game
Sir Ababol controlled through the Monegros looking all ababoles. To progress in your adventure you'll have to go find a set of keys that can be used to open doors and access other locations. Once you have collected 24 ababoles finish your mission. Skip over the bat, canine and warriors to kill them, and avoid touching the water is bad. To recover some encouragement, you can eat one of the chicken thighs "monegro's fried chicken" will spread magic on stage. Briconsejo: be patient and do not go crazy!

Use LEFT and RIGHT to move the crosshead. Press A or B to jump. Press START to pause the game.

FX Mañopower
Collect ababoles and be lost in the Monegros makes our Sir Ababol be openly acknowledged as Mañopower.

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