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Pogo Cats 3/4/12

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The gameplay is very simple. You need to jump to upper platforms. Each pixel scrolling will give you 1 point. If you fall down the screen, you'll loose. The goal is to make as many points as possible.

Here is the meaning of the different Items/Objects:
Spring coil: Jumping with the spring coil will give you about 400 points
Coin: Gives 500 points
Flying Heart: If you collect this item, your jump speed and jump size will get increased for a short time.
Tornado: If you come to close to it, it will blow you away. Jumping onto a tornado will make you jump several screens high (gives about 1000 points)
Black Hole: If you come to close to it, it will suck you inside. If you touch it, you will loose lots of points.

There are two versions available. One simple NROM128 version, which saves the highscore to NES RAM and one NROM128 with battery-backed PRG RAM, which saves the highscore there (so the highscore will stay available).

Change log (3/4/12):
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