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Mine Shaft 1/29/12

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Hi all

A couple of weeks ago I started reading up on making NES games. I don't know why, but I grew up with NES and I stumbled upon the PowerPak online and thought "I need to try this". I have previously done flash games and other small projects. I have never done much assembly, so when I found Shiru's guide on NES programming in C I was very excited. I had previously read the Nerdy Nights tutorial, and in combination there is all the info that one needs to make a small game really quickly.

I would like to share my first try at NES programming. I did all the graphics and music in NES Screen Tool and FamiTracker. The game was programmed mostly in C using Shiru's library, plus a little bit of assembly (to get the parallax scrolling to work).

It's a very simple game. It goes on until you die, and then you are presented with your score. Basic NROM 128. (Of which most is unused ) The sound effects are a little buggy (don't know why), but they do the job. Controls are left and right only. You lose life if you step on the red platforms, regain it by stepping on blue ones. Don't get crushed by the ceiling, and don't fall off the bottom.

Please try it out. Maybe it will fit on the "Action 53"

Thanx to nesdev and nintendoage for all the great threads I've read! And a special thanks to Shiru, whose font I stole and for his great C library!

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