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Kid Icarus - Retold 1.1

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Kid Icarus - Angel Land Retold.

The intention was to make a graphical improvement to the classic Kid Icarus by using graphics from the GameBoy version - Kid Icarus: of Myths & Monsters.

This includes all Pit’s poses, all enemy graphics and almost all items (some were the same and some originals were kept simply because they looked way better).

The bosses have undergone extensive remapping to closely resemble the ones used in the GB version.

The layout and the gameplay of the levels haven’t change BUT all ‘textures’ have been updated.

Many hours have been put into this project and if you download - you SHOULD at least leave a comment.


Change log (1.1):
Changes from 1.0:
- Better looking tall bushes on level 3
- The original pots are exchanged for amphoras
- Minor palette changes on level 1-2
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