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Inversion: When Darkness Cry Public Edition

Inversion: When Darkness Cry is platform game for Nintendo Entertainment System.
You can play it using a NES emulator like Nestopia, FCEUX etc.


A boy named "Satoshi" form human village suffers from unique type of solor blindness-he can see things as either black or white.
However, Satoshi have also a special ability, thanks to it he can change the "State of Darkness"
It allows him to make some object solid and vice versa!

Satoshi had enough of being different than rest of other kids and decided to
look for help in place that is feared even by most brave human warriors:
"Denine Devil Mansion"

When he finally made it to the mansion, he met a scientist who offered him a game.
A game that revolves around the idea of his ability to change "State of Darkness"
If Satoshi can win the game, then there's a chance for him to be able to see like normal human do.
Satoshi agreed and started the "Inversion" game.

C'mon! Let's make darkness cry!

Change log (Public Edition):
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