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Dizzy Melanchony Of Existance Chapter 0

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...Melanchony Of Existance.

A game for NES
Created by Lucas "Dizzy9" Kur

Take a look at "Legal" section below.

6.Recommended www


Dizzy:MOE is platform-adventure game for NES.
It was created to resemble gameplay of Dizzy games made by Codemasters.


Dizzy:MOE was deisgned to work on Nintendo Entertainment System,
Japanese Famicon, Fami-clones and NES emulators.
Game is distributed as NES ROM using mapper 2 (UNROM).


Title Screen:
Start game: Start

Language select:
Accept language: Start
Change language: Up\Down Arrow

End dialog: A button

Backpack menu:
Change selection: Up\Down arrow
Drop item: A button
Exit Backpack menu: B button\Select

Ingame controls:
Running: Left\Right Arrow
Pick Up items\Check background: B button
Jump: A button
Open backpack: Select
*(Only possible when you touch ladder)
Climb the ladder: Up\Down Arrow
*(Additional controls for HTS is explained in game)


Your aim in game is to find exit.While you can find "Memory items"
they won't help you much because Kolo can't read them.
If you have played any Dizzy game before, you should have no problems
with Dizzy MOE.

Kolo have a 3 slot inventory for items.You have to pick items that you can find
and use them where you think it can do something.
While you are in the inventory screen, you can select item to drop\use.Every item has a use.
You have only 1 life.Touching water\water monster will result in Game over.

Progreamming: Lucasz Kur
Game design: Lucasz Kur
Nes documentation and (major)help:,
Game logo: Micrus(AKA Armacoder)
Water monster art: Alkochochlik
Music code: Shiru(Famitone)
Famitracker: jsr
NGE: Grimm
Testing: Klops rox
Hardware tests:dic-sc7

Title screen music "Are you sad today?": Lucas Kur.
Ingame music: Fantastic Adventures Of Dizzy Remix.

Recommended www game author www'll find all about Dizzy there but in POLISH ONLY. site about Dizzy www about NES development.


This manual is under license:

This work is released "as-is" with no warranty.
No author will be hold responsible for any damage caused by this
software.Game can be distributed by following:

1. Software origin have to be marked.You can't say it's yours.
If you use it for another project,then it'll be nice if you
provide some info about software, but it's not necesarry.
2. If you chancge game in any way you have to mark the this fact.
Your changed version must not be misinterpretaded as original one.
3. This note must not be removed from software package.

Dizzy MOE is distributed under GNU General Public License version 2.

Dizzy MOE target is not to make money in any way.
If you paied for this game the ask seller for refund!


Extra facts:

Extra Fact 1:
You can jump once after you touch the ground.But you can also jump in mid-air.
To do this you simply need to walk off the edge of the ground, then jump!

Extra Fact 2:
Kolo is a something like suitcase.An Intelligent one.
He can use minispring like things that are attached to
corners of his metal body to move around.

Extra Fact3:
His jumping is...unusual.Again, it's because of these spring like
things.Don't ask me what they are, I don't know.

Extra Fact4:
While finding Memory items gives you nothing it's still quite a challenge.
Can you find all 5?

Change log (Chapter 0):
-Working on Real Hardware now.
-Jump out of elevator(when it's still moving).
-0F screen bottom pointer fixed.
-Fixed bug with swimming suit and bottom of small pool.
-Fixed distance you have to be to kill sea monster
-Fixed HTS flash when you use it to teleport to the same screen.
-Readme and in game spelling corrected.
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