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!Clik! 1.0

Guide Clik around and grab each virus that you see appear, but watch out for the shock of the electric currents! As you collect more virus capsules, the shocks will become faster. Collect as many as you can to see if you can max out the score (‘!!’). Only the D-pad is used in this game to move Clik up, down, left or right. Have fun!

Well, this isn’t a huge game, but it’s something that I’m highly proud of, to be honest. There isn’t much to it, but you move around, pick up some items, and avoid electric beams. It’s just that simple.

What is significant about this game is the fact that I finally got hit detection working properly. That’s the major thing. Other little things are the animation of the electric beams, which turned out decent for being… well, crap hehe Also, the palette changing for the beams on the sides was new for me, so that’s awesome. This was also the first time that I used CHR-RAM, which I got help on implementing through a couple of my friends, so that’s awesome!

A bit of weird trivia no one will know: I was originally going to make this game about the founder of NintendoAge. It was going to be called Dain’s Pain Day, and it was going to have his face as NES graphics, and he would go around collecting 1′s and 0′s to try and repair NintendoAge in a time of need haha Yeah, that was the best I could come up with, but that was the original concept. I couldn’t get his face to show up how I wanted it to in graphics though, so I decided to go with a computer monitor on a wheel. Not as cool, but whatever :P

Well, anyway, here it is. The game I made for the 4k category of the MiniGame Compo. It’s nothing seriously awesome, but I think it’s pretty fun, if I’m allowed to judge my own game! Also, there are things I’d like to fix in it, but that will come later.

Change log (1.0):
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