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Ball and Flag Beta2 NEO

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This is my little game for NES. I am very happy because this is my first compo for Neo Coding.

The game :

You control a ball in a labyrinth. you must find a flag before time expires.
I add bombs in the game to destruct blocks. You earn one bomb each completed level.
At the beginning the game is easy no more blocks, keep the bombs for harder levels.
Blocks are added for each level, the game could be quickly hard.

Control the ball with the gamepad, launch bombs with A button.

Run perfectly in emulator like Nestopia or VirtuaNES.

Run without bug on Everdrive N8 with latest BIOS (v4) and OS update (v7), download it please.
Fully works on Powerpak.

Change log (Beta2 NEO):
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