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Action 53 Function 16 Volume ONE "Streemerz Bundle" 7/12

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I proposed making a huge bundle of homebrew games called Action 53 as a spiritual sequel to Action 52, a notorious multicart by Active Enterprises. The board I initially chose for it (oversize BNROM, iNES #34) would not hold the game I really wanted to include on it (an impressive takeoff on an Action 52 game) because it was implemented around the fixed bank of UNROM. So I got a proposal from infiniteneslives to manufacture Action 53-so-far with a custom mapper designed for multicarts, as a way to build up the capital needed to release Action 53 once it's finished.

I set out to design a multicart mapper capable of simulating several discrete boards, essentially a runtime reconfigurable ReproPak with a game select register on a CPLD. It can simulate NROM (#0), CNROM (#3), AOROM (#7), UNROM (#2 or #180), BNROM, or any combination of features thereof (e.g. UNROM with 1-screen mirroring, or even UNROM with four 8K CHR RAM banks). INL contributed draft Verilog code, and he told me implementations for PowerPak and an emulator are coming.

The following games/applications are included:
01. Streemerz
02. Forehead Block Guy
03. LAN Master
04. Lawn Mower
05. Slappin'
06. Thwaite
07. Concentration Room
08. Driar
09. I Wanna Flip The Sky!
10. Mineshaft
11. Munchie Attack
12. NES15
13. NES Virus Cleaner
14. Pogo Cats
15. ZapPing
16. Zoomin' Secretary
17. Music Toy: Axe (Application)
18. Russian Roulette (Application)
19. TapeDump (Application)
20. Zapper Calibration (Application)

This uses a custom mapper and as a result this ROM may not function on your emulator/nes flash kit of choice.

Change log (7/12):
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