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GNUBOY64 1.0

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GNUBOY64 1.1
GNUBOY64 is a port(read:hackport!) of the original GNUBOY-x86 version and -heavily optimized- for mips architecture,
which means that most of the vital parts had to been re-written from scratch in order to achieve the highest possible performance.

Also , additional work has been done into reimplementing all the features of the x86 version , including save states,sram,rtc and even
the ability to take screenshots and save them directly to the SDC(The image format is very simple though ~ uncompressed 16bit or 32bit(depends on FB mode) targa).

Compatibility is also the same with the x86 version but with just one exception : 8MB games are NOT supported unless your flashcart
has extended ram that can be mapped directly and the source tree is built with special flags in order to make use of this (already-implemented)feature. (HINT: Expansion pack IS highly recommended)

Performance-wise , its running at fullspeed in GB mode and very close to fullspeed in GBC mode for most games , and that's because the interpreter is not written in assembly....But some other time i might re-write the cpu in asm aswell for +15-20% speed boost.For now i had to do the LCD first since it had much higher priority . ;D ....

And well, that pretty much sums up everything within 4 paragraphs.For more detailed info just check sections 1.1(Features) & 1.2(Differences from the x86 version).

Have fun.

1.1 Features
+Supports Neo Myth64 flashcart(You can implement more drivers if you like.All are set already...just add the missing bits)
+Opensource :
+GB & GBC support (except 8MB games , but if you plan to add driver for other flashcarts that have extended r/w RAM you
can implement the (already integrated) extended ram mode)
+Automatic SRAM + RTC backup/restore ( Stored in /gnuboy/saves/ )
+Save states(up to 999) ( Stored in /gnuboy/saves/ )
+Ability to take screenshots ( Stored in /gnuboy/screenshots/ )
+Dual immediate rendering modes : 256x240 1xscale , 512x480 2xscale
+Support for multiple FS drivers & wrappers

Browser controls
Up/Down : Go up/down one item
L/R : Switch to prev/next page
A : Launch game in low-res mode(Recommended)
B : Launch game in hi-res mode
START : Re-load & sort rom list (useful for switching sd cards...)
Cr : Take screenshot ( Will be saved in /gnuboy/screenshots )

Emu controls
Dpad : Dpad
A: A
B: B
L:Save state
R:Load state
Cu:Increase save slot number
Cd:Decrease save slot number
Cl:Exit menu(You can either return to emulation mode or exit to the browser screen...)
Cr : Take screenshot ( Will be saved in /gnuboy/screenshots )

Change log (1.0):
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