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Donkey Kong 64 (U) 101% (U)

Put the .EEP file in the save directory of your N64 emulator

- All 201 golden bananas
- All 20 banana fairies
- All banana medals
- All 10 crowns
- All 100 regular bananas collected for each kong in each world
- All or most banana coins collected (not required, yet done)
- Final battle available

- Mystery menu

. DK Theater with all movies available for replay
. Bonuses such as rambi arena, engaurde arena, DK arcade, an jetpack available for replay
. boss mode with all bosses available for replay
. unlocked krusha in multiplayer mode
. cheats with options such as instruments, crystal coconuts, film, oranges, ammo, and coins which offers unlimited supply.

- All abilities for all kongs

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Change log ((U)):
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