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GBX-Tool 1.8

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Its a Win9X/WinNT/Win2000 program to send and backup single GB/C files
and make+send multigame menus to a GB Xchanger/Doctor GB Card.

So, what is the difference from the other Win9X gbXchanger tools ?
* Visual SRAM Manager! After the card has been analyzed, just select
the game's name in the sram manger and click save, load or clear.
You can also save, load and clear the full sram. Especially users
of the 64M card should appreciate this, since you will likely have
many games with different sram sizes on it. Of course it works with
both doctor gb cards and original cartridges.
Beware of cheap imitations!

* It's small (which means that it was NOT made in Borland Delphi).

* Simple to use but yet powerful GUI (It doesn't look like a spaceship
control deck).

* You can easily add several files at the same time to the multicart
layout. You can also deselect any number of files at the same time.

* It will handle stripped (size reduced) gb files correctly. Now you
can also automatically strip (resize) a gameboy file to the smallest
possible size (to make it take up less space on your gb card).

* It will handle MBC2 files correctly. (Both on cart backup and usage
with the menu program).

* It handles files with Super Smart Card header correctly.

* No longer autodetects SPP/EPP mode because it is unreliable (it still
is in GBT and any other program).

* Autodetects Doctor GB 4M/16M/64M Card.

* WinZip/PkZip and GZip support.

Change log (1.8):
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