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This is a linker software for Bung's GB Xchanger and the like.


-AutoShrink: DGBMAX allows you to efficiently use the space on your Doctor GB-Carts as it shrinks the ROMs down to nearly every size (for example 544k, 608k, 1216k => 32k-steps!).
-AutoColor: DGBMAX colors your old Gameboy Games! It includes a large INI-File for more than 500 non-color-games. In addition you can use a personal INI-File which enables you to create color-sets for all of your favorite games!
-AutoName: With DGBMAX you can assign a name to every game by using the INI-File.
-Dynamic Patches: DGBMAX (Win) allows you to dynamically assign IPS- and GameGenie-patches to your games. It's no longer neccessary to patch the original file, just enable a patch and DGBMAX will apply it at flash-time.
-Advanced SRAM-Manager: DGBMAX (Win) has a built-in SRAM-manager which enables you to transfer your savegames between your Doctor GB-carts and your computer. It supports DGBMAX, GBPACK and single-game-carts.
-DoubleSpeed: You can set the CPU to doublespeed-mode to get more power for your games.

Change log (1.6):
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