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Swiss 0.3-r174

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Announcing Swiss - The "Swiss Army Knife" of GC software

I'm proud to finally announce the software that I've been developing on and off the past few months or so. I've labeled it "Swiss" because it'll hopefully (not initially) boast more features than any other homebrew Gamecube utility out there. It is very loosely based on the SD-Boot source but about 90% was re-written

Current Features:
• Load GCM/ISO from Original Disc/SD/SDHC/DVD-R/HDD
• Multi-Game DVD-R support (Cobra/GCOS)
• Multi-Disc support Original Disc/SD/SDHC/DVD-R/HDD
• Disc Ripping to SD/SDHC/HDD (WIP)
• Region free / Video forcing (480p) (WIP)
• Full cheat engine for all games (update it via SD/SDHC)

*HDD features require a IDE-EXI or homemade adapter
**SD features require a SDGecko or homemade adapter

Change log (0.3-r174):
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