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Genesis Plus GX 1.3.1

Genesis Plus is a Sega genesis/mega drive emulator for the Nintendo gamecube/Wii

Change log (1.3.1):

- YM2612(MAME): fixed LFO phase update for CH3 special mode: fix sound effects in Warlock & Aladdin (thanks to AamirM)
- YM2612(MAME): fixed EG attenuation level on "KEY ON": fix Ecco 2's splash sound
- YM2612(MAME): fixed SSG-EG emulation: fix Bubba'n Stix (Track 5) and many others
- YM2612(MAME): replaced sample interpolation with libsamplerate support, High Quality mode is now more accurate
- implemented cycle-accurate HINT timings: every timing sensitive games/demos are now *finally* working fine
- fixed a bug affecting CRAM/VSRAM DMA timings
- fixed Sprite Attribute Table address mask for VRAM writes
- improved accuracy of 68k access to Z80: fix music in Pacman 2 when entering PAUSE menu
- disabled "Address Error" emulation when UMK3 hack is loaded: fix game crashing after a round ends up
- added support for some more unlicensed games: Pocket Monster, King of Fighter 98, Soul Blade (credits to Haze)
- improved Menacer emulation: fix lightgun support in Body Count & T2: The Arcade Game
- added Konami Justifier emulation: fix lightgun support in Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2
- added Sega Mouse emulation (Populous 2, Body Count, Shangai 2, Fun'n Games, ...)

- added Wiimote support for Menacer/Justifier/Mouse
- added DVD support in Wii mode (no modchip required)
- added "Gun cursor" option to enable/disable gun position display
- added "Invert Mouse" option to invert Sega Mouse vertical axe (required by some games)
- improved Controller options: Wiimote/Nunchuk and Classical Controllers can now be affected separately to ANY player
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