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Baten Kaitos Origins 2.0

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-->Save Slot number = 10
-->Sagi's Guardian Spirit Name is "Yacine"
-->Around 224 Hours 
-->Playtrought #1

* Information *

*Sagi's Milly's and Guillo's level are around 70
*Quest List 93/96
*The Magnus Pac-Man have eaten 142 Magnus ( I've the list ;) )
*I've beat everybody in the coliseum (included The Wicked Gawd)
*I've Gena's Pinion (Which means spread Hearts Wings without time limit)
*All Sednas Magnus (Sedna restored)
*Field Guide 96% Complete
*Game Almost beaten (Tarazed is cleared except the last Boss)
*All Mix Recipes

Change log (2.0):
New quests, level up, max recipes and more !
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