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SDRip 1.1

Hard to find Dreamcast ripping tool. Rips original GD's to an SD, can also rip the BIOS and flash from your DC.

The originating site is down (probably permanently), and locating this tool has become near impossible, so I am uploading it here. I have not been able to get the GD ripper built in to Dreamshell to work properly (and in some cases at all) so I think this is still a very important tool for DC preservation.

This is a self booting disk once burned to CD using the right burning software (Discjuggler, Nero, etc.)

This requires an an SD adapter for your Dreamcast. You can build one yourself or buy one from various sources such as eBay. A class 6 or better SD is required for this to work properly.

Change log (1.1):
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