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Rekka: Summer Carnival 2003 1.0

Rekka: Summer Carnival 2003 is an Afterburner clone made by a Japanese Dreamcast homebrew developer, the game caused quite a stir with it's reference to conflict and it's use of graphic images which included casualties of war. A 'cleaned up' version of the game was considered, but did not get released, this CD Image contains the game in it's original release form.

This game features graphic images which to some people may be disturbing. Because of this we feel that it's fair to say that this game should be played by mature game fans only, and the game should not be shown to minors.

The quotes below are from responses about the game by Sweater Fish Deluxe made at the forums, we think he summarizes certain aspects of the game pretty well.

"The photos of bodies are indeed disturbing, but that's the idea. War is disturbing, if anyone can think of war and not be disturbed, there's a problem with that person."

"So, what exactly in all this is "pro-terrorist"? It seems far more anti-war to me. The name of the game is Rekka (which means "Destruction";)"

"It's a great game, by the way. I'd say it's one of the best original homebrews on the Dreamcast and that's not even because I sympathize with its politics. The graphics are simple and could certainly have been improved at least to the level of the original Afterburner, but the engine is very solid, controls are tight, there's a good variety of enemies who all have different behavior and difficulty is way up there. Actually maybe too way up there if anything, but that just keeps me coming back for more. The only disappointment really is that there's no high-score saving."

"I couldn't support a sanitized version of the game with all the political references taken out because I think political statements should never just be brushed away and ignored, they need to be made, seen and discussed whenever and wherever possible. Censorship can only be justified in the most extreme situations and nothing in this game rises even close to that level. On the other hand, though, it's a shame if people are passing over a great game because they don't understand, don't agree with or even just don't want to think about its overt politics."

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