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NesterDC 3.0_src

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This is a Nintendo Entertaiment System (NES) Emulator for Dreamcast

Change log (3.0_src):
Source Code only (3.0)

-The sound is close to 100% perfect.

-The game menu selection screen has been improved, but there is now a limit of 2048 (with a 128 character limit per name) roms per cd.

-The menu's look much better now, thanks to the artwork of Dave Arnold, who is also the webmaster of our site

-Version 3 is noticably faster than Version 2.

-There are new frame skip options.

-If a game exists in the GAMES directory called GAME.NES, NesterDC will skip all intro menu's and run that game. This will lead to single game cd's that feel more like a real NES.

-The source code has been released.
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