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NEO4ALL RC-4 Binary

Alternative Open Source NEOGEO/CD emulator for Dreamcast and Dingoo console by Chui & Fox68k.
Close to fullspeed emulation (frameskip0 with sound-fx).
Fast FAME Motorola 68000 core by Fox68k.
Fast FAZE Zilog Z80 core by Fox68k.
Custom PowerVR2 graphic core (fast tile caching).
Autoframeskip for real speed.
Joystick is emulated with analog and digital pad + A,B,X,Y and Start/R-Trigger.
Complete menu with L-Trigger: region selector, frameskip control, graphic filtering, hardware reset...
Crystalline sound without lag.
Both control players emulated.
SD-Card support for loading ISO/BIN/MDF images.

Change log (RC-4 Binary):
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