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Bloop 18/05/03

The first homebrew game to make use the of the DC light gun. You can also play with a controller.
-sound effects have been added, all configurable (so each round / object can have different effects)
-start of statistics gathering (hits, shots, accuracy etc) - important for the goals.
-introduction of 'multiple hits' targets (although none of the targets in the demo need more than 1 hit)
-introduction of 'foreground' objects, which will cover targets - again, none in the demo.
-introduction of 'auto fire' and 'jammed' modes for the guns (again! not in the demo)

Change log (18/05/03):
What's new in version 18/05/03:

- start of a 'main loop' pre-game
- effects (nasty plasma in demo and smoke in-game)
- multiple hits test
- typing of mode functional (although the 'words' that you get to type are a bit useless)
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