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Beats Of Rage Collection Vol 2 1.0

this is the ultimate streets of rage tribute This collection *contains 9 different games
*Nice menu system
*Rumble support
*50/60 hz support
*Image size on disk
*many unlockables on every game
*original characters in most games max, axel, blaze

*Beats of Rage Xtra
This is an exclusive but unofficial, slightly modified update of the original BoR with four additional characters.

*Rage of the Streets
Rage of the Streets is a remake of SEGA's Streets of Rage series. It features five playable characters (plus some hidden ones), 28 enemies and music from all three original games adding up to the ultimate Streets of Rage experience

*Beats of Rage Remixed
A remix of the original BoR with new music, different stages and a completly different cast of characters.

*Hyper Final Fight 1 & Hyper Final Fight 2
1st and 2nd part of Final Fight tribute featuring a huge cast of playable characters, different storylines, 30+ enemies and different soundtracks to choose at start.
all characters to HFF2 that were introduced in HFF1 allowing you to play HFF2 with 11 playable characters.

*Dragons of Rage
It features some awesome Japanese music from games like Shinobi X, Guardian Heros, etc. and playable characters from Sengoku 3.

*Double Dragon Extreme
remake of the classic Double Dragon series for DC featuring some great tunes from the arcade & NES versions plus remixes, new extra moves and 10 different game modes including Double Dragon 1 & 2 using arcade level designs and sprites.

*Hatchet Ninjas
Dreamcast version of Hatchet Ninjaz containing both episodes and difficulty levels playable from the beginning to the end on your Dreamcast for the first time!

*Alien Vs Predator
It's an update of the official demo v2 release and contains two new stages and fixed cutscenes.

Change log (1.0):
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